What is your favourite pose? Which one challenges you the most?

I may have to pick two…I love fun and a good challenge, which leads me to pick headstand as my favourite pose for strength, and half pigeon takes the cake for my favourite opening pose; my hips are forever grateful. Dancer’s pose, with its combination of balance, strength, and flexibility, challenges me the most!

What has been (or continues to be) your biggest challenge in yoga?

I find dropping my expectations much easier said than done.

What one piece of advice would you give to someone who is considering starting yoga?

One piece of advice to someone considering starting yoga would be to focus mainly on maintaining long deep breaths; the rest will follow.

What other interests do you have outside of yoga?

The interests I have outside of yoga are horseback riding, sitting down with a good book, and running.

What is your most inspiring moment in yoga?

There was a moment in my teacher training where a group of us were practicing a very HIGH energy flow, with one of my fellow teachers teaching. Everyone else was cheering at the top of their lungs on the sidelines. As I was practicing, I experienced strength in poses I never had before. I was feeding off the energy in the room. It was AMAZING!

What first drew you to yoga?

What first drew me to yoga was the desire to increase my flexibility. What keeps me coming back is the overall amazing way my body feels, the supportive and playful community, and the continuous potential for growth.

How has yoga helped you off the mat?

One huge thing I have taken from yoga is the importance of presence. To get the most out of my practice, I need to let go of everything distracting me from being in the moment. I need to allow my body and mind to focus on my practice. This is also true in every aspect of my life. To do the best I can on a task, to get the most enjoyment out of a situation, and to make the most progress, I need to be fully present to exactly where I am in the moment.