Why Yoga Shack?

Our Philosophy

We believe that Yoga is all about you and that Yoga is for everyone! Whether you are young or old, healthy or not at your best, male or female, we know that Yoga can change your life for the better.

Each of us has come to Yoga for our own reasons, to reach our own goals, or to help overcome our own challenges. But regardless of which road we took to get here, we are now on this path together.

Starting out on this path begins with that first step into a studio - which can be hard!

We’re committed to creating a warm and welcoming environment - one in which you can progress at your own pace.

Yoga Shack offers a wide variety of classes, two locations, and assorted scheduling and membership options, so that you can customize your experience to your needs and availability.

Still not sure where to start?! Contact us at your convenience and give us the opportunity to help you find the right path for your personal health and wellness. We want to work with you to ensure that your experience is the best it can be.

What Yoga Means to Us!

Yoga Shack is more than a livelihood - it’s our way of life. The practice of Yoga is one that can permeate every facet of your life. In addition to physical benefits, Yoga can bring you mental and emotional clarity and peace. Yoga truly is for the mind, body, and soul.

Of course, the best way to understand it is to try it for yourself. And that’s why we welcome new visitors to our studios. We want to work with you to learn about your needs, your goals, and your expectations. We know, first-hand, the benefits and joy that Yoga can bring to our lives, and it’s something that we want to share with you.