Below is a list of the classes we are currently offering.

Yoga Boot Camp

This class combines the mindfulness of Yoga with the physical components of fitness class. Yoga Boot Camp gives you the best of yoga, Pilates and high intensity interval training in a class that will help transform your body and inspire your overall well being!


Hot Pilates class includes a series of floor exercises that helps practitioners develop strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, coordination, balance, and good posture through emphasizing correct form as opposed to excessive repetition, with the added benefits of heat. Pilates exercises build upon a foundation of proper technique that will increase physical strength while building long lean muscles.

Flow 2

If you’re willing to laugh, learn, experiment and get curious in your practice, then Flow 2 is definitely for you! With the support of our highly skilled teachers, try something new, step outside your comfort zone, and watch the magic happen as you get a bit deeper into your practice with various arm balances, inversions, and twists not always taught in regular yoga classes.

*Note: Please avoid during pregnancy. Not suitable for children

Hot Foundations - (Heated)

This heated practice is designed for all levels and beginners alike. It is perfect for those students with wrist or hand issues, looking for a little less down-dog. With the emphasis on longer, static holds, there is less flow-based movement and more depth in each asana. The teacher will guide you through a unique combination of standing and floor postures that will challenge balance, strength and flexibility. No music.

Hot Hatha - (Heated)

This invigorating class allows students to explore their balance, strength and flexibility. Rather than a set series, anything goes in this class! Various postures, methods and techniques are taught through the teacher’s discretion including flow based movement, dynamic sequences, static holds and peak postures of the teachers choice. Often taught with music.

*Note: Please avoid during pregnancy. Not suitable for children

Power Flow - (Heated)

This invigorating class will flow postures together with breath allowing students to explore their balance, strength and flexibility. Often taught with music.

*Note: Please avoid during pregnancy. Not suitable for children

Community - (Heated)

Yoga Shack prides itself in providing the most affordable yoga in the city. $5 Community classes are Hot Foundations. Music used at teacher’s discretion.

*Note: Please avoid during pregnancy. Not suitable for children

Beginner Hot Yoga - (Heated)

An introduction to a series of foundation postures to heal the body from the inside out. The room is less hot than standard hot classes but warm enough to achieve cleansing benefits. Extra attention will be dedicated to education, demonstration and adjustments. No music.

*Note: Please avoid during pregnancy. Not suitable for children

Yin Yoga - (Non-Heated)

Complimentary to more physical styles of Yoga, Yin Yoga targets the deep connective tissues such as ligaments and fascia. Postures are held for longer periods of time (generally 3-5 minutes) in order to stretch these deep tissues. The nature of Yin Yoga also promotes a quiet practice where students can still the mind. Also suitable for prenatal practitioners. Taught with soft music

Prenatal - (Non-Heated)

It’s never too early or late for prenatal yoga. With the support of your doctor or midwife we invite to participate in specific prenatal postures and vocal toning to strengthen and tone muscles and to loosen the body in preparation for birth. No music.

Yoga - (Non-Heated)

Yoga classes are designed for students looking for non-heated classes that will challenge their strength and flexibility. Yoga classes will build an internal fire and move through a series of postures that will facilitate an overall balance in the body. Often taught with music.