What is your favourite yoga pose? Which one challenges you the most?

Half moon is my favourite pose. I feel like I am flying: free, yet grounded (it also requires lots of core!). Mountain Pose is also a good one; it literally teaches us to stand on our own two feet. The pose I find challenging is Crow.

What has been (or continues to be) your biggest challenge in yoga?

My biggest challenge in yoga is self-acceptance.

What one piece of advice would you give to someone who is considering starting yoga?

Try to have no expectations on your mat…have fun, laugh, smile.

What other interests do you have outside yoga?

I am a Master Trainer with WaterART Fitness Inc. and a Personal Trainer. One of my biggest and most rewarding activity outside of yoga is being a Mom.

What is your most inspiring moment in yoga?

Teaching a Chair Yoga program for a mental health outpatient was inspirational. Here’s why. The question was asked ‘How would you describe the feeling that Yoga gives you? The response: Yoga is Smiling…that tickle inside you that makes you feel good.” That is, indeed, yoga.

What first drew you to yoga and what keeps you coming back?

At first it was the physical practice that brought me to yoga; now, the mindfulness and the meditation quality of being on my mat is why I return to yoga.

How has yoga helped you “off the mat”?

I try to live my life as if I was on my mat, centred in the moment and living the yamas and niyamas. My yoga community is my family and they have given me the strength to believe in myself!