Fitness/Health Benefits

Yoga is not just for people interested in improving flexibility or improving their mind-body connection. Yoga has been proven to be a powerful complement in a variety of fitness goals, from weight loss to strength training, and rehabilitation to relaxation.

Yoga, in all its forms, is a wonderful complement to cardio-vascular work, resistance training, and proper nutrition.

We know there is no one magic solution that will cure all life’s ills. But we’;re also aware that the practice of Yoga is a wonderful way to build a foundation for lifelong health. And more than just supporting a strong body, Yoga can help the mind and the spirit.

If you have an injury, we recommend that you discuss your options with your health care practitioner. And if you have specific wellness or fitness goals, please feel free to discuss them with your Yoga teacher, as there may be options available that will support your goals.