How to Register for a Class

How to Register for a Yoga Shack Virtual Livestream Class

1. Sign up for your selected class via the Yoga Shack app or MINDBODY following the purchase sequence and ensuring your email is up to date. This must be done a minimum of 1 hour prior to class.

2. Don’t have the app? It is available on the app store Apple Click Here, Google Play Click Here

3. 30 minutes before the class starts you will receive the Live Stream link from Mind Body

4. 5 minutes prior click on the link to login via your laptop, smartphone, tablet or even Smart TV!

5. Please be considerate of the teacher and your fellow classmates and arrive on time and mute your audio. You may choose whether your video is on or off.

Livestream Support

Read this document for tips and tricks to get Livestream classes working on your device.

How to Pre Book an In Studio Class

1. Sign up for your selected class via the Yoga Shack app or MINDBODY following the purchase sequence and ensuring your email is up to date. This must be done in advance there are no drop ins at this time.

2. We are currently offering a waitlist for our classes sign up and if a spot becomes available you will automatically be placed in the class and notified by email. If you are unable to make the class please cancel yourself so the space can be allocated to the next person on the waitlist.

3 . Don’t have the app? It is available on the app store Apple Click Here, Google Play Click Here

4. For in-studio classes, please take a moment to read through arrival instructions:

What You Need To Know Bruce and Ann Street Locations

* Pre-Screen Every Class: Please complete before you arrive. Click here for Ontario’s Public Health Self-Assessment. Cancel your registration and do not come. If you feel unwell or answer yes to any of the pre-screening questions.

* What to Bring: Come prepared with your mat, water, own mask and props if using.

* Doors Open 15 Minutes Before Class Starts: Doors are unlocked 15 minutes prior to the class start time and locked 2 minutes prior. Please enter one at a time and allow physical distancing where possible. Arrive with enough time to get to get to your mat as latecomers will not be permitted once doors are locked.

* Washrooms and Changing Rooms: We have a hand sanitizing station and for now are continuing to keep the change and washrooms closed. If not having access to a washroom causes concern, we understand, and hope that you will enjoy our virtual classes from the comfort of your home.

* Water Stations: Are currently unavailable, please bring enough water for the duration of class and to hydrate after class.

* Pre-Payment and Pre-Registration: Required for all classes, sorry no walk-ins.

* Live-Stream: In-studio classes may be simultaneously live-streamed for our at-home virtual members.

* Mat Placement: Will be assigned based on arrival time, first in = last out. The lobby continues to be a no-chat zone, please maintain social distancing.

* At the End of Class: Please exit one at a time ensuring physical distancing where possible. The lobby for now is a no chat zone.

* Masks Optional in Heated Classes: Masks are required in all public and may be removed mask off once you get to your mat.

* Wait list: We have a wait list option for all of our classes that has been working successfully. If you select the wait list you will know where you are in the line and if a spot becomes available will be automatically placed in the class and notified by email. Please check regularly as this can happen up until 1 hour prior to class start time.

If you are no longer able to make the class please remove yourself from the wait list so the next person in line may take advantage. If you receive an email that you have been successful and can no longer make it please cancel yourself from the class. This will assist us with ensuring our limited spots are filled and avoid disappointment and no shows. Those members consistently not showing up for a class or late cancelling may be subject to a cancellation fee.

Apple Click Here, Google Play Click Here

Class Schedule > Click Here

I Want to Buy Passes > Click Here

My Passes are Missing In My Account. How do I sync my accounts? > Click Here

I Want to Book Classes How Do I Do That?

You may use an existing class pass or timed pass to book your classes or purchase passes using the links below. If you have a timed pass currently on hold and wish to restart it please email

Virtual Livestream Classes > Click Here

Outdoor Classes > Click Here

First time logging into or need to reset your password?

When you first attend a class at Yoga Shack you complete a paper waiver which includes your email address.

We manually enter this email address into our software system.

The first time you login online you will need to request a new password to access your account.

Here is a handy ‘How To’ guide:

  1. Access our website:
  2. Enter your email address in the username box and click ‘forgot password’
  3. A temporary password will be emailed to you, once you have logged in you can change your password in the ‘account’ tab
  4. Provided you have online class passes on your account you can now pre-book online classes.

If you are still struggling to access your account then get in touch, we are here to help iron out the kinks. Email: